Battlezones Added

You would think that while stuck at home under quarantine I would have tons of time. Between our days jobs and a 2 year old and 8 month old there is ZERO time for anything which is partially why this site is taking so long to get going. Anyway after killing a bottle of wine …

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Added 4 new vehicle pages

Bought these in a few different lots a couple weeks ago by now but just finally for them photographed, uploaded and pages created. Gepard SPAAGA-7E Corsair IIAurora Spy PlaneF-80 Shooting Star enjoy!

Making live today!

Just finishing up a final few details making sure the links work, the site works on mobile, contact form, adding about me and then it will be good to make like. Still alot to polish up and some pics to add but I like it for now.

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