Thanks for visiting my site.   If you can’t tell, I collect strictly Military Micro Machines, both vehicles and battlezones, with a side of Galaxy Voyagers.   I am not an expert nor claim to be and my collection is nowhere near complete.  There are much more knowledgeable sites and people out there. 

This site was born from the frustration of collecting battle zones with missing parts and not knowing what parts were missing.  With this site, I hope it will serve as a general military micro machine reference and more importantly help other collectors of battle zones by displaying complete playsets with all parts.

If you see something broken or incorrect or missing please let me know.  

My Story

Like most collectors my brother and I had Micro Machines when we were kids.  We only liked the military  version most likely due to having a veteran as a father and watching shows and movies such as GI Joe, Rambo, etc.    We didn’t collect them but instead had them to play with as toys and even came up with a rudimentary war game.   My brother, a few friends and I played with them for hours outside, creating battlefields in the garden, next to a creek, or the basement on a pool table.    We probably lost so many vehicles and troops, that to this day I wonder if some are still buried in my moms flower garden and sitting in the bottom of a creek bed somewhere.

Like most kids we outgrew them and they went into storage until college where I sold all my battlezones and Star Wars micros for beer money.    I never could sell the military vehicles or troops, so they ended up in a box that moved around with me until October 2018 ago when I found it in the basement as I was cleaning.   

Opening the container was like the gateway drug to collecting.   Looking at everything brought back so many memories, I had to have more.  I joined several Micro Machines groups and started buying lots on ebay.  I realized just how many military micros I never had as a kid. At this point I realized  it would be awesome to recreate that game we use to play as kids, add a few more rules and have my own little wargame to play with friends or even my son when older.  At the time I had no idea there were/are other games already in existent other than like D&D and Warhammer.  

I got to work and as the game design progressed so did the collection of things I had to have.  It got to a point where the game was put on the backburner and I was just trying to collect more battlezones and vehicles.

Battleszones aren’t widely collected.  Its pretty easy to find almost anyone on ebay, however most are loose and missing parts.  One of the major frustrations of collecting battlezones is not knowing what parts are missing as there are far too few references for them showing parts or complete sets. 

When COVID-19 hit, I decided to take the time to organize my collection.  While building shelves, I realized that; #1 I wanted to try to get as many unique military micros as possible, #2 Display my collection so others could see it, #3 display battlezones with all the parts to help others with the same missing parts issue.

As a result this website was born.  Hopefully, it will be a valuable resource for all things Military Micros.

Any questions or corrections please let me know.   Thanks for visiting and keep collecting!

My original collection as a kid
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